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Prepare for a new experience!

Our airline offers sightseeing tours from several locations in the west of France.

Choose from a range of themed tours covering the most picturesque landmarks of the area. See your favourite spots from a different angle!
Our experienced pilots provide running commentary of the views throughout the tour.

Vol panoramique

Hop aboard for an unforgettable experience!

Take time out, let your self be whisked away
and marvel at the wonders of the natural and
man-made world from above.
€89 per person.

A touch of originality!

Our carefully planned routes reveal the delights of French heritage set in incredibly varied landscapes and include superb views of the countryside, riverside and seascapes. 

Get a bird’s eye view of château de Chambord, Mont-Saint-Michel or Fort-Boyard; take a trip to Belle-Île-en-Mer, explore the Gulf of Morbihan, take in the immensity of the Guérande salt marshes or the bay of Arcachon.

Remember the courage of soldiers as you fly over the Normandy landing beaches. Admire the engineering prowess behind the bridges that span the Seine and the Loire as well as feats of nature such as the cliffs of Etretat.

Further north, the city of Amiens is the gateway to the beauty of the Picardy region. We offer flights over the 24 Hours of Le Mans circuit all year round, including during the race. Whichever route you choose, there is plenty to marvel at!

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