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The efficiency and flexibility of the helicopter is often the ideal solution in complex, time-precious situations.

We have the right machine and the right pilot to suit an array of needs in terms of aerial shots, surveillance and lifting.

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A range of machines
and skill-sets.

Aerial shots

The big picture:

We choose the right helicopter for your photo or video shoot, depending on where it takes place.
Our turbine machines have sliding doors and emergency floaters for maritime environments and can house both a cameraman and a photographer.

Our accomplished pilots will ensure you get the best possible shots.
We will apply for clearance where your chosen routes require authorisation.


Special aerial shots

Gyro-stabilized systems:

We can provide the technical and human resources for your shoot, whether it be a documentary, an advertisement, HR transmission, film or television series.
Our Écureuil and Colibri helicopters are approved for current gyro-stabilized equipment: Cinéfelx, Wescam, Gyron and Tyler.

With top-notch equipment and an excellent pilot to ensure stability and precision, you are sure to produce some exceptional shots.



Carrying loads:

A helicopter can reach otherwise inaccessible spots in a short time and with great precision, making it the ideal solution for specific transport requirements or on-site interventions.

Our fleet includes aircraft able to lift outsize loads of up to 4.5 tonnes.

Our helicopter service is efficient, rapid and safe. We will assess your brief and present you with a detailed project that fulfils your requirements and meets your budget.


Aerial surveillance

We offer surveillance of building sites and SNCF high-speed lines and are authorised specialists in electrical network surveillance.
The latter requires extremely precise piloting skills, meticulous teamwork and excellent knowledge of electrical equipment. Thanks to our competency in this field, we can present an extensive ready-to-use report of anomalies so as to schedule further interventions.

The methodology can be applied to gasoducts and hydrocarbon pipelines.

These services can be combined with infrared thermography.